martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

gays adopted 14 children to form one big happy family

Steve and Roger Ham are the parents of 14 foster children, who, in the past, family instability and abandonment; all together now form a large family full of love.
United States.-the fact that Steven and Roger Ham are married is not the big thing, it is not that they have adopted, to nothing, what is definitely fascinating its history is that they adopted 14 children, what turned them into a big family happy LGBT.

"Never was our intention to adopt 14 children," said Steve.

Everything started to adopt his son Michael in 2003, eventually decided to also adopt four biological siblings; one thing led to another and then adopted to Marcus, Vanessa (cousin of Michael), and Cooper and her sister Olivia. Cooper was abandoned behind a Wal Mart and Olivia in a local hospital, but the Ham opened them the enormous arms of his beautiful family. They then adopted to Ambrose.

In 2009, they adopted Logan 4-year-old and his sister Isabel, then were aware that were 12. But that did not stop, finally adopted brothers Ambrosio, so its list of children was 14.

Now the Ham spend a few thousand US $ 500 per month on food, bought a 15-passenger van and clothing washed 4 times a day, find pairs of socks is an enormous challenge. But more importantly, that the Ham family is now complete and happy.

For his part, Heather Shew-Plummer, social worker who takes the case of the Ham, says that the family home is surprisingly quiet: "When you walk into that House, never imagine that 14 children live there".

Most of the children of Steve and Roger, suffered family instability, abandonment and risk of be separated (in the case of the brothers), thanks to the enormous heart of this gay couple, something will change for good, because all together will work better to be a happy, United and loving family.

A round of applause for these men that they decided to become parents regardless of cost
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Russia contraatacará if the United States imposes sanctions for its interference in Ukraine

"We will have to respond," said in a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Vladimir Putin. He blamed Washington make this decision for their "reckless and irresponsible" actions

Russia contraatacará if the United States imposes sanctions

"As always in this type of situation, caused by the reckless and irresponsible actions of Washington, emphasize: this is not our choice", said Alexander Lukashevich, spokesman for the Ministry of Russian, according to a Reuters article.

The threats of sanctions began Monday with a document agreed by the European Union. "Without a brake the escalation on the part of Russia, the EU should decide the consequences in bilateral relations", said European Foreign Ministers in a declaration signed after the organized meeting of urgency in Brussels.

The agreed document CITES consequences for "bilateral discussions with the Russian authorities on visas", as well as on a new cooperation agreement.

"If there is no swift and concrete action to halt the Russian advance, be interrupted a series of contacts," said the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, who added that if "unchecked climbing before Thursday, these measures shall take effect".

On Tuesday, questioned by the legitimacy of the military advance according to international law, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said that Russia had "the request of the legitimate authority of Ukraine, Yanukovych, of protecting the inhabitants", which you would be enough to consider that their invasion not escaped to UN standards.

Putin acknowledged the claim of the Maidan, the opposition square which resisted the repression of Yanukovich, as a "change request", but warned that "fascist semi can fill the power vacuum"
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martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Argentina entourage travels the world with message of peace

Argentina entourage travels the world with message of peace

Forty-three Argentine citizens Muslims, Jews and Christians today go towards Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the Vatican to "export the model of coexistence of Argentina society." A good joint initiative.

Three leaders of each faith, united by a good initiative

The delegation is scheduled to visit the leaders of the region and holy places for the three religions. "We are working to export the model of coexistence in which society lives Argentina rather than import the Middle East conflict to our country," said Claudio Epelman, director of the Latin American Jewish Congress (CJL). The initiative came together with the Institute of Interfaith Dialogue, said the priest Guillermo Marco, who said the trip "is an objective in itself because it leads us to be together and share everyday, everyday actions."

Epelman detailed that will meet "20 with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah; 23 with Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, Israel, 25 with Jordanian King Abdullah II in Amman, and on 27 February the Francisco pope in Vatican City. " On the way you will visit the Via Dolorosa, the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount and the Temple Mount. "We will demonstrate that we have an abstract coexistence, but in our country can converge the three monotheistic religions coexist without problems and when you want to be," said Peter Abraham, head of the Islamic Institution Argentina.

The initiative came from Marco next to Rabbi Daniel Goldman and Omar Abud. Epelman emphasized the "construction of wills of 43 people who take care of the cost for this trip equally, not tied to any organization that solves it." He scored recalled that interfaith coexistence in Argentina had its substrate in public school. "We know that if we sow hatred reap prejudice, but as leaders of religious communities preach love our neighbor as ourselves. According to the choice we make will build the world, "said Epelman.

"Many Jews come to the Middle East as well as many Muslims and Catholics, but it is rare to come together, and it is less common to visit together the Palestinian president and Israel to bring the same message of peace and that coexistence is possible, "said Epelman, who believes that peaceful coexistence is a decision every day and not a divine gift. "They are out to sow" concluded scored expectantly about the outcome of this unprecedented experience that is about to begin.

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Yaya Toure: "I have very fond Le Barça"

A most players relish measured their former teams, but Manchester City midfielder Yaya Touré is an exception to the rule. Indeed Touré, who is enjoying a spectacular season under Manuel Pellegrini, shown leery of facing the shock of the first knockout round of the UEFA Champions League against FC Barcelona. "It's difficult because I did not want to play against Barcelona. It is a club that I have a lot of respect, a club that taught me a lot and where I have many friends who helped me, "said the 30 years.

I'll play against these guys in the Camp Nou. It is the stage where I always wanted to play and now back wearing a different shirt. I did not want to play in front of these fans that gave me so much love and respect, but that's football, "he added.

The Ivory Coast international signed for Barcelona in 2007 from AC Monaco FC, raising as Barca two league titles and one UEFA Champions League among other trophies. Three years later he signed for Manchester City FC, where this season and has 12 goals in league (the highest total of his career), helping the team to follow Pellegrini in the struggle of four titles.

"In Barcelona my job was to hold and organize. It was to be focused and never lose focus. Now you can descolgarme defense and join the attack, I'm not limited to the midfield and Barcelona. I like England because it is an open and very fast paced league, "he said.

Touré won the Premier League in his second year in England, although European glory was not so simple, because the City had fallen twice in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League this season. "The first two seasons were difficult, but now everything is going well. We have a coach who has a very good vision of how we play. He understands football and taught us a lot, "said three times named African Footballer of the Year.

Regarding duels knockout of 18 February and 12 March Touré anticipated a "great game" to "a great club with a fantastic history." The former player of KSK Beveren, Metalurh Donetsk FC Olympiacos FC and is eager to show the quality of the City in the UEFA Champions League, saying: "We have a great desire to show our fans and everyone that the City is on the way correct. "

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The year is "The Who"

Speaking to the New Musical Express, Roger Daltrey admitted the possibility to meet with his old traveling companion of The Who, Pete Townshend, to work on recording a new album of the band, which would coincide with the celebration of 50 years of the British band.

However, although Wednesday in London opens an exhibition of photos of the band on the occasion of the celebration, the singer downplayed the relationship between the decision to return to the recording studio and the date. "To be honest, I did not think about it. We never thought we were going to last more than a week. We we were The Who, and we used to separate after each show, "he joked.

Instead, he said the desire to work together. "Pete has hundreds of songs. If he wants to make a record, I'm always ready. My voice is in good shape, yet, "said Daltrey, who once again will be responsible for the programming cycle Teenage Cancer Trust, which will be held at the Royal Albert Hall from 24 to 29 March and will close The Cure.

Before the 10th of the same month will be released Going Back Home, which recently recorded album with guitarist of Dr. Feelgood, Wilko Johnson, the live presentation, scheduled for February 25, Daltrey conditional on the state of health of Johnson , who has terminal pancreatic cancer.

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lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014

Lands in Bs As Aerofloral II, fabulous vegetable ship

Their crews are 16 French scientists, who study the relationship between botany and plant energy. They arrive from Santiago de Chile and installed on Avenida de Mayo 500, in downtown Buenos Aires.

link: feature=player_embedded&v=9qrk7YewRXM

Plant Expedition arrived in Buenos Aires from the Chilean capital, where he participated in the recent edition of the Festival Santiago a Mil. The aircraft arrives at night, in silence, as usual. "The landing is very specific weather conditions," says the captain, and is usually installed near iconic central areas, such as the Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of the Chilean Executive, in the chaos of the shopping area. In Buenos Aires, it can discover on Avenida de Mayo 500, waiting for visitors.

Scientists in charge of the expedition belong to the company La Machine, "a consortium of scientists developing a work which combines aviation with botany," says their commander, who calls FD. The objective of these 16 men is to investigate the relationship between electricity and plant development. Whenever you come to a city conduct research in view of everyone, and permanent dialogue with people passing by near the Aerofloral II, the great ship plagued plant where the French work. The device is impressive, and has five giant balls, four huge legs and lots of elements, a kind of large spider iron and chlorophyll.

The imposing ship, now in Buenos Aires

The 16 scientists are dressed in uniforms and speak French explorers, communicating at each location with the help of translators. Among them are a specialized technical and musicologist fitoacústica they call M. Malan, a fitosexólogo to tell you that S. Praud, and an herbalist who called R. Triballier, among other experts in plant life. Even some studies including the excellent relationship between plants and music. "Sea heavy metal or Bach, makes them grow," says the blonde researcher, who says that music down to plant stress.

His scientific and educational work, with experiments in view of all fire related conversations with ecological and environmental problems. Inside the tent of scientists, DF commander that the expedition took shape when it was discovered that the energy driving on plants. "Based on that, we propose to set in motion an expedition to tour the world collecting different types of plants that feed the ship and make it fly," he says. Now, are the third Expedition tour of the plant, which has already passed through Brussels, Hamburg, Turin and the heart of the Amazon. After passing through South America will go to the island of Santa Elena, in the African Atlantic coast, ending in Madagascar.

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Massa newsprint prices with care.

Renewal Front leader, Sergio Massa, again proved not unfounded reports and questions of national government policies.

On Saturday posted on his twitter account: "We went to tour stores and chatting with people. The truth about pricing is in neighborhoods and prices are fired. "

"Prices continue to rise. Distributors do not deliver the products and the" Price Watch "does not work", he concludes.

But what the local MP know is that the program "Prices Care" does not work in stores, but is a compromise between the National Government and supermarkets, distributors and suppliers.

link: v=fShoH_6bEbs

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