miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

'Tata' Martino said it before this new batch of important meetings

'Tata' Martino said it before this new batch of important meetings: the margin of error, so little in a big club; just and the second captain of the team, Xavi, he said it before the game against the Real.
At Barcelona, injured after losing the lead in the League after 59 consecutive days, they want to think that the defeat against Valencia was an accident that already went down in history to focus on the new commitment to the Royal Society, where I also want to see how thing passed the rout suffered against Atletico Madrid.
Local aims to win by keeping the door to zero, a goal that shares his rival on Wednesday. However, Camp Nou is not conducive ground for the realists, not scoring (1-1) in the field of the boat from the April 9, 1995. The last time the Basques surpassed a round before the Catalans dates of the Cup 1979 - 80. Take care of Defense, key but that is history. Now, the key will be on the fenders. For Barça it is vital to not fit goals in the Camp Nou and there comes the problem of his behind, line in which Martino now has his biggest headache. The three goals received in just a quarter of an hour against the Valencia were a clear example.

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