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Lands in Bs As Aerofloral II, fabulous vegetable ship

Their crews are 16 French scientists, who study the relationship between botany and plant energy. They arrive from Santiago de Chile and installed on Avenida de Mayo 500, in downtown Buenos Aires.

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Plant Expedition arrived in Buenos Aires from the Chilean capital, where he participated in the recent edition of the Festival Santiago a Mil. The aircraft arrives at night, in silence, as usual. "The landing is very specific weather conditions," says the captain, and is usually installed near iconic central areas, such as the Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of the Chilean Executive, in the chaos of the shopping area. In Buenos Aires, it can discover on Avenida de Mayo 500, waiting for visitors.

Scientists in charge of the expedition belong to the company La Machine, "a consortium of scientists developing a work which combines aviation with botany," says their commander, who calls FD. The objective of these 16 men is to investigate the relationship between electricity and plant development. Whenever you come to a city conduct research in view of everyone, and permanent dialogue with people passing by near the Aerofloral II, the great ship plagued plant where the French work. The device is impressive, and has five giant balls, four huge legs and lots of elements, a kind of large spider iron and chlorophyll.

The imposing ship, now in Buenos Aires

The 16 scientists are dressed in uniforms and speak French explorers, communicating at each location with the help of translators. Among them are a specialized technical and musicologist fitoacústica they call M. Malan, a fitosexólogo to tell you that S. Praud, and an herbalist who called R. Triballier, among other experts in plant life. Even some studies including the excellent relationship between plants and music. "Sea heavy metal or Bach, makes them grow," says the blonde researcher, who says that music down to plant stress.

His scientific and educational work, with experiments in view of all fire related conversations with ecological and environmental problems. Inside the tent of scientists, DF commander that the expedition took shape when it was discovered that the energy driving on plants. "Based on that, we propose to set in motion an expedition to tour the world collecting different types of plants that feed the ship and make it fly," he says. Now, are the third Expedition tour of the plant, which has already passed through Brussels, Hamburg, Turin and the heart of the Amazon. After passing through South America will go to the island of Santa Elena, in the African Atlantic coast, ending in Madagascar.

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