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Argentina entourage travels the world with message of peace

Argentina entourage travels the world with message of peace

Forty-three Argentine citizens Muslims, Jews and Christians today go towards Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the Vatican to "export the model of coexistence of Argentina society." A good joint initiative.

Three leaders of each faith, united by a good initiative

The delegation is scheduled to visit the leaders of the region and holy places for the three religions. "We are working to export the model of coexistence in which society lives Argentina rather than import the Middle East conflict to our country," said Claudio Epelman, director of the Latin American Jewish Congress (CJL). The initiative came together with the Institute of Interfaith Dialogue, said the priest Guillermo Marco, who said the trip "is an objective in itself because it leads us to be together and share everyday, everyday actions."

Epelman detailed that will meet "20 with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah; 23 with Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, Israel, 25 with Jordanian King Abdullah II in Amman, and on 27 February the Francisco pope in Vatican City. " On the way you will visit the Via Dolorosa, the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount and the Temple Mount. "We will demonstrate that we have an abstract coexistence, but in our country can converge the three monotheistic religions coexist without problems and when you want to be," said Peter Abraham, head of the Islamic Institution Argentina.

The initiative came from Marco next to Rabbi Daniel Goldman and Omar Abud. Epelman emphasized the "construction of wills of 43 people who take care of the cost for this trip equally, not tied to any organization that solves it." He scored recalled that interfaith coexistence in Argentina had its substrate in public school. "We know that if we sow hatred reap prejudice, but as leaders of religious communities preach love our neighbor as ourselves. According to the choice we make will build the world, "said Epelman.

"Many Jews come to the Middle East as well as many Muslims and Catholics, but it is rare to come together, and it is less common to visit together the Palestinian president and Israel to bring the same message of peace and that coexistence is possible, "said Epelman, who believes that peaceful coexistence is a decision every day and not a divine gift. "They are out to sow" concluded scored expectantly about the outcome of this unprecedented experience that is about to begin.

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