martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

A 14-year-old whose identity is reserved for legal reason

A 14-year-old whose identity is reserved for legal reasons, was filmed last weekend in the Ashanti bowling, located on Avenue 20 February Tartagal when did a jugadísimo dance of the pipe to be completely naked in the middle the deafening screams of hundreds of attendees, most of them older men and drunk.

The video began circulating in recent days by social networks and shared via cell phones. Because they did not take action until the time nor the provincial police or juvenile justice, despite the video, which lasts about 10 minutes is held by many people.

The only official reaction was to the council, who called for tomorrow at a meeting to which they invited the head of the Regional Unit 4 of the provincial police, Oscar Liendro, the defender of Minors and Incapable, Juan José Andreu, and judges Sandra Sanchez and minor Vázques Azucena.

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