miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo suspended

the Portuguese will not be faced with Villarreal, Getafe and Elche. It was sanctioned by the aggression to Iturraspe, and the gesture of touching the rosto when expelled before Atlethic Bilbao the Committee on competition announced the sanction for the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo: will miss three games from the Liga BBVA. The Portuguese saw the red card in San Mamés, 30 minutes of the second half, in the game to Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid equalized 1-1.
The penalty is divided into two parts: a party corresponds to its hit Ander Iturraspe, and the other two, for the gesture of touching the face when leaving the field of play.
That gesture of hitting the rosto was taken as "recklessness", an offence which corresponds to article 117 of the rules of the Spanish football. The umpires saw it as pejorative.
Christian will be absent two games at the Santiago Bernabeu, Villarreal and Elche. Also a meeting outside the stadium of Madrid will be lost, but that will also be in the Spanish capital. It will be at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez Muñoz against Getafe.
For peace of mind of amateur meringues, if you can play the game in first leg of the semifinal of the Copa del Rey, i.e., the derby against Atletico Madrid.
As reported by the newspaper AS, Real Madrid appealed to the Appeals Committee, and ultimately will to sport, to decrease the penalty.
But competition did not consider audiovisual evidence from the white club that shows that the fourth referee turns its back on Ronaldo when the hand to the face.
Committee is the fact that there are no visual contact not claimed responsibility and the seriousness of the fact. "Action directed toward someone doesn't have to be necessarily recorded, appreciated or displayed by its addressee",

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