miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Steve Jobs wanted to laptops Sony VAIO with OS X

we have to go back to the year 2005, moment in which a major change in Apple computers, has lived since it would take from the PowerPC architecture to Intel's. But there are anecdotes that come to light almost as striking, they were important for the future of the industry, as it has to do with Sony.
According to the President of Sony in those moments, Kunitake Ando, the idea they had in Apple, headed by Steve Jobs, is the VAIO laptop provided with the OS X operating system. The Cupertino company interested especially the highest line of VAIO laptop, which has always been characterized by new technologies and by its small size.
You have to go a few years back, until 2001, when the President and executives had a meeting with Steve Jobs in Hawaii. They played Golf and talked about the possibility. According to Ando, at Apple, they did not want clones of its computers, but Sony could make an exception, since they admired the work achieved with laptops.
The negotiation did not beyond, also motivated by the take-off of the sales of portable Windows, including the VAIO family of that time were working very well. We stayed at least with the respect that Steve Jobs had by the Sony equipment, in addition to a good relationship.
Curious story that appears in a moment in which it seems that Sony might be negotiating the sale of its famous division of laptops to the leader of the market, Lenovo. Today we are aware that Japanese do not want to make statements on the matter, nor nor deny the information.

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